Super Fast Learner

Being really quick at adapting new workflows makes it possible for me to constantly work at full force. I’m always ready for new and exciting challenges!

Games as a Passion

Growing up while the games industry started blooming, game development have always been a massive interest for me.

The Toolbox in Order

Having a good experience with a broad variety of tools and game engines, I am able solve almost any problem encountered throughout the work.

Mobile and Desktop Development

Experienced in developing games for both mobile and desktop, no target platform is out of reach.

  • Jacob is a really talented designer who reaches further than others. As Lead Designer, Jacob has demonstrated great skills both in the creative part, but also the technical part of the game designers tasks. It has been a great pleasure working with Jacob, and I can definitely recommend him as a future colleague.

    Thomas Heine Bech - Producer - Progressive Media ApS