What is Rss-Aware?

It is a program written in python that uses notify-osd to notify you about updates to a website using it's rss feed and appindicator to let you access that post
Every 15mins it checks for new posts
For an enhanced version check out Feed Indicator

Rss-Aware V20110501-2238
DOWNLOAD *For Ubuntu 10.04 and up


To install
open a terminal
cd to the place you extracted rss-aware-20100909-2235.zip
run "rss-aware-install.sh"
it will ask for permisions to install the package "python-feedparser" which is needed by rss-aware
it will install rss-aware.py to your "/usr/bin/" directory will put the rss feed osd-notifier icon into /usr/share/rss-aware/rssaware32.png and it will also copy app indicator icons into "/usr/share/icons/ubuntu-mono-dark/ and /usr/share/icons/ubuntu-monolight"

To run
now run "python /usr/bin/rss-aware.py"
you can put it in your startup programs list, as the command to run use "python /usr/bin/rss-aware.py

To add/edit feeds
click the rss-aware icon and select "add/edit feeds" and paste your feeds like this into the file e.g.


Note, the garbage collector is turned off, cause it stopped links from working, so there might be memory leaks

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